What Foods Stimulate Breast Growth?

Breast enhancement is not just possible with serum and creams but also with the right amount of food that we consume in our daily routine. As discussed earlier there are breast growth herbs that are used around the world. Apart from these herbs there are foods that we can consume for better breast enlargement. You don’t have to take these food items in excess but in right amount for the effective results.

Some food items contain either estrogen or prolactin that help contribute to the growth of breasts. As per herbal diet, these food items work on estrogen which are going to contribute to female fertility, pregnancy and lactation. It is possible that these estrogenic diets may or may not be successful with every body type. In such a case there is no other option than regular exercise and usage of herbal serums and pills. You should also consult with your doctor before you add any of these herbs in your diet.

Herbs for Breast Enlargement

Milk Products

There are lot of debates on whether milk and dairy products help for breast growth. As per some of the tests milk and the other dairy products are going to help you for breast growth. Milk products are known for the hormone growth and depending on the body type they’re going to show some results for breast growth and lactation. Underweight women should consider adding milk products in their diet and as for those with moderate or with some excess weight should consider using them in moderate amount and that too by consulting doctor.


Soy sauce is often used in dishes like tofu, soy crisps and endameme around the world. It contains isoflavones, this type of phytoestrogen not only works on menopause but also on breast growth. Though soy is a good source for the estrogen needed for breast growth, it is better to consult doctor and dietician before you use it excessively.

Dong Quai

This Chinese herb is known for relief of menopause symptoms. As per doctors instruction this herb can be used for the breast growth. But results of growth are dependent on the body type and the amount. So it is suggested that it should be taken with doctors permission.


As discussed in breast growth herbs post, fennel if used in moderate amount has it’s benefit for breast enlargement. Fennel is often suggested to the breast feeding mothers for increasing lactation and breast size. You can use either fennel seeds or use fennel root directly in your diet.

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